A Little About Ned Farrell the Artist

Ned Farrell and his fine art are appreciated by art collectors worldwide.

Ned Farrell is a collected artist from Westbrook, CT, creating big, beautiful, bold, …and gold paintings. Ned has created an innovative technique that he uses to create striking paintings. A fluid technique that’s constantly in development and evolving.

Originally a traditional landscape artist, Ned has always loved the way colors blend and can even move on the canvas. Ever increasingly, he began incorporating negative space into his paintings. Over time he found that certain shapes lend themselves very well to the play of negative space, and experimented more and more with shapes, sizes, and images. 

In his travels Ned has run into artwork being created with amazing arrays of media and substances. He fell upon gold flake, starting to utilize its boldness and beauty into his own work. In playing with gold he is able to create ambitious eye-catching pieces. Working on large canvases allows Ned to use his skills to showcase this blend of ideas bringing out vibrancy, color and spark.

Gold Flake Designs

The original technique of Gold Flake Designs are full of grace and eye-catching beauty. Developed by Ned Farrell, these works of art bring a marvelous look to any space.

Representational Artwork

Ned Farrell’s Representational Artwork collection includes gorgeous dreamily realistic works of oil on canvas.